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In this application applies lots of special lighting to deliver comfortable and relaxing ambiance. And, some of them definitely need to be supported with emergency modules to ensure when black out or emergency situations - the guests who are mostly new to the hotel area can escape safely. 

Important areas such as guest-rooms, corridors, lobby, function hall, and office need to be equipped with proper number of EXIT and Emergency lighting. 


High-density of people are working in office. The emergency lighting must be designed adequately to support quick movement and escape. Both open-plan and cubicle offices have different strategies in allocating the stand-by lighting, so every room and corner are reachable by the lights and have clear orientation and direction.  


Excellent shopping experience requires strong spot and general lighting. The high illumination level is often demanded by the shops to attract customers and enhance the product visibility. Suitable emergency back up shall be chosen for both low and high wattage to back up minimum 2 hours.   


Smart and green lighting are adopted to achieve energy efficient factory. It is designed not only to conserve energy but also improve productivity and safety to the workers.  In 24-hours of operation the lighting relentlessly turn on and for safety reason - at no time the light is allowed to fail. Maintained emergency lighting is critical to be checked and replaced accordingly.  

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